Systems over Goals: 

At West Palm Test Prep we set goals and follow through. We developed  a robust system which works at every step of the way to bring you closer to your target score.

 1. The Diagnostic Test:

We begin our process with each student by administering a diagnostic test which categorizes student errors by topic, time and location on the test. The results of this test are then analyzed by a proprietary algorithm, which reveals specific error patterns a student might encounter. From all this information we generate a report, which is given to Andreas for a consultation.

2. The Consultation:

The owner, Andreas, will meet with you for a consultation based on the results of the diagnostic test. He will recommend which exam you should take, help you determine a target score and set a schedule to prepare you by your test date. Finally, he'll will match you with a tutor whose personality is a perfect fit and let the learning begin. 

3. The Lessons:

Your tutor will reach out to you and schedule meetings at your convenience. Each tutor is extensively vetted and personally trained by Andreas to ensure they can actively adapt to each student’s needs. They will guide you through the Palm Program, a unique Test Taking strategy developed by Andreas over years of teaching which will help you to ace the exam.


4. The Practice Tests:

When you buy any package, you will have unlimited access to our practice test database and can use our timing videos to simulate a real SAT/ACT. Regular practice tests are a staple of strong test preparation programs.

5. The Updates:

After each session you will receive an e-mail from your tutor which will describe the content of the lesson, the students strengths and weaknesses and a clear path toward improvement. Of course, Andreas is always available to discuss, just give us a call!